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84th Ninth District Meeting 2021 – Dallas, Texas

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“There is a future for the Omega Psi Phi, and stored away in it somewhere is the full realization of the dreams of its Founders.” 

“Bravely and diligently performing the tasks remaining before us, as bravely as we faced those that we have already performed, we come speedily to that realization. Omega, the future welcomes you; the challenge of your Founders bids you enter!”

– Bro. Stanley M. Douglass, (Grand Keeper of Seal, 1919)

Brothers, welcome and thank you for visiting my campaign website! My name is Brother Quinon Brooker Esq. (6-98-OE) and with your support and your vote, I am running for the position of 1st Vice District Representative at the 84th Mighty Ninth District Meeting in Dallas, Texas. I submit myself to continue to serve the brothers of the Mighty Ninth District as a strong and influential voice on the district council and as a familiar and respected figure throughout Omega.

In addition to working with resolve as an honest and dependable resource to the District Representative, my focus is to facilitate the administration of the district’s committee work seamlessly. Additionally, my passion lies within action toward the uplifting of the black race. I am proposing a “black empowerment” agenda focusing on Holdings, Education, Law and Politics (H.E.L.P).

The Ninth District is entering into a critical age whereas specialized skills are a requisite to do Omega’s business with excellence. As your District Counselor for three years, I possess the skills and corresponding experience necessary to confront and conquer each unique issue facing the Ninth District with the character and integrity demanded of an Omega man.

And while some brothers will highlight the fact that I was not initiated in the Mighty Ninth, progressive and serious-minded brothers will recognize the tremendous benefit that my diverse fraternal background offers to this council. Leveraging my multi-district relationships to enhance the position of the Ninth District in international affairs is simply good common sense.

I look forward to speaking with you personally throughout the months leading to the 84th Ninth District Meeting in Dallas, Texas. Please share your opinions with me by phone or email. And if you are so inclined, please support my campaign with a monetary donation. The link is http://fundly.com/qb-for-9th-district-1st-vice-d-r. Your contribution will assist my campaign team in its administration. Finally brothers, I am humbly requesting your vote in Dallas, Texas. Remember, “Vote Q.B. for the 9th D!”

A message from Brother Brooker to the 9th District Brothers.

Brother Brooker believes that “Friendship is Essential…”